A MAN, who had his private parts sliced by his estranged lover, has spoken for the FIRST time about the ghastly incident.

Thomas Tasarirenhamo (43) told H-Metro yesterday he wants to “thank God that I am alive.”

He also cleared a lot of misconceptions, which emerged in the wake of his ordeal, including reports that the private parts were chopped off.

Thomas underwent surgery at Parirenyatwa Hospital where he spoke to H-Metro during a visit to his ward.

He said the incident happened at Two-Boy shopping centre in Village 16B last Thursday.

He said the incident happened during what was supposed to be a night of passion with his lover, Mercy Nhira (24).

The ward Thomas was teeming with his relatives, workmates and friends, who were eager to see if his private parts were really sliced off and if he was still alive.

“Handina kufa, ndirimupenyu ini, tarisai ndinokwanisa kumira, kugeza uye handicharwadziwa,” said Thomas.

“I met this lady some time ago and became intimate with her and she conceived.

“She decided to abort behind my back as a person of loose morals, and I cut communication with her.

“On the day of my mishap, Mercy spotted my vehicle while I was refuelling at a fuel service station and she came to me.

“Kuti nditi akauya akazvironga zvekundicheka nhengo handifunge kudaro nekuti akatongosangana neni asingafungira uye takabva tatoenda kumba kwake ipapo ipapo.”

He added:

“I tried to make excuses to leave her, but she insisted that she wanted to have sexual intercourse with me.

“I fell asleep and I think that’s when she tried all my fingers and unlocked my cellphone and went through my messages.

“The message which caused all this trouble was the one from a lady who asked me to meet her at 7am before she left for Masvingo.

“Mercy insisted on us having sex until sunrise to block me from meeting this lady at 7am.

“She cut off my private parts while caressing me, and I was woken up by some sharp pain. 

“Despite that, I somehow got the strength to grab her and drag her to my vehicle when she tried to escape.

“One of my friends helped me to get her into my vehicle and I drove very fast to the police station, as I was racing for my life.

“Ndakapinda nemumakomba ndichimhanyisa mota ndiri mu dust road zve 30km kusvika ndasvika kupolice. Ndakakwanisa kusunga nhengo kuti ropa risanyanye kubuda.

“It was painful, but I endured the pain and I cannot believe that I am the one who was behind the wheel.

“I thank the medical staff who attended to me and I want to tell you that I am now feeling better following a successful operation.

“Kwasara kutopa mombe kunanachiremba vakabata basa rasimba,” said Thomas.

Every visitor including females, wanted to leave after viewing Thomas’ private parts following reports that they were sliced off and pocketed by Mercy. Thomas stood and assured his visitors that he was responding well to treatment that he was able to take a bath alone and walk.

Mercy was arrested and appeared before a Marondera magistrate facing an attempted murder charge, and was remanded in custody pending medical reports to show the degree of Thomas’ injuries.