Tinashe Zisengwe

A serial female burglar from Mutare recently left the court in laughter after having admitted to her 40 counts of theft before saying she committed the offenses while being possessed by evil spirits and she needs healing.

“Your worship l was possessed and l am in need of divine cleansing,” said the burglar.

Prosecuting Fletcher Karombe said Emily Gwembe who was recently jailed 12 years by a local Magistrate charged with 29 counts of unlawful entry was again in the dock with another 11 which she admitted to have committed.

The court further heard that Gwembe would use duplicate keys and an iron bar to break as well as enter into most of the houses in Chikanga, Hobhouse, Sakubva and Dangamvura.

The Magistrate had no kind words for the burglar as he said Gwembe only deserved a custodial sentence as she was a threat to the society.

“Unlawful entry into premises is a serious offense and it is prevalence in the city. The only option is a custodial sentence,” said the Magistrate.

Gwembe was slapped with 64 months in prison.