Heavily armed men were arrested at Mphoengs Border crossing in Mangwe after they were caught trying to get into the country from Botswana..

The 4 tried to bring military gear into Zimbabwe where Mugabe’s government is facing unprecedented protests in the capital Harare.

There are rumours that the men are part of a large foreign based contingent looking to take part in demonstrations, but with deadly firepower.

On Sunday this past week, Zimbabwe border officials at Mangwe detained  Stevenson Boshoff (52) of Gweru, Karl Landrey (27) from Harare, Lovemore Damiano (48) of Chitungwiza and Cephas Telele (47) of Chiredzi.

The war gear found with the men include 22 combat sets of trousers and shirts, 20 khaki greenish back packs, green water bottles with camouflage holders and jungle caps.

There are unconfirmed reports that the 4 also carried ammunition for long range and high powered rifles.

While there is little coming from the men pertaining to their mission in Zimbabwe, sources at the border indicate that there is likelihood the men could have used deadly force against state security agents during street protests which are now a common occurrence in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe police is still investigating the case.

President Mugabe(92) is facing mounting pressure from many angles.

His own party, ZanuPF is now hunting for a successor against his wishes while the opposition  is fighting through courts and street protests to demand new leadership as the country’s economy crumbles.

Recently, a neighbouring President, Ian Khama of Botswana asked Mugabe to retire as soon as possible as he has become a big risk and an excessive burden to the welfare of southern African communities.