Hosiah Chipanga speaks his mind on Bond Notes token money

The soon to be introduced Zimbabwe Bond Notes have been condemned by veteran musician Hosiah Chipanga who sees them as nothing more than a free pass for Mugabe and his cronies to rob poor Zimbabweans.

Chipanga considers the move as a plot to hoodwink people into believing that all is fine when there is no foundation to hold things together in the country.

He pointed out that ‘rich and privileged people’ will be OK in the new set up tailor-made to cushion them as the economy is officially taken into intensive care unit with little chances of recovery and survival.

“Only the big fish will remain with genuine currency and the rest will get fake money,” Chipanga said.

Chipanga pointed out that Zanu PF elite will, as usual, resort to economic cannibalism to protect their ill-gotten wealth.

“The young ones (ordinary people) must die first to feed the big and stronger ones (Zanu PF elite). Whatever made our Zimbabwe Dollar useless in the first place, it’s never going to make our Bond Note useful,” he added.

He said Zimbabwe has all what it takes to recover but the country’s leadership lacks natural brain to drive the economy, hence the fake money option.