Zimbabwe’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has reportedly dismissed alleged claims that he was plotting to assassinate MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa and his colleague Tendai Biti.

Asked to comment, Chiwenga questioned Biti’s mental fitness dismissing the allegations as hallucinations of a man high on mbanje after the later alleged that the retired general had hired assassins to kill them.

“Why should we assassinate him, for what purpose? Who says that? In this country, in this day and age? I think he needs, you know, mental evaluation

“He doesn’t know what he is talking about. And why are you wasting your time asking me such a question from a deranged person? What is that? No we don’t do that,” said Chiwenga.

Commenting on Biti’s claim that they had won the election, a furious Chiwenga said:

“They have won elections where? Is that how winners behave? Why can’t you just wait? No, no, no, let us come of age, I think let’s be of age now. We want to build this country, we don’t want horse play. He must be high on mbanje ” Chiwenga said. Daily News