Here is a report from Prof Jonathan Moyo revealing actual figures ZEC will announce tonight for Zimbabwe presidential election results…scroll below to see the numbers he said will be read at 10PM. The text below is taken from his blog, Mnangagwa¬† -unedited.

By Jonathan Moyo| 1/24 In the interest of doing right by God & doing right by the fundamental law of the land–the Constitution of Zimbabwe–this is a report on why some ZDF soldiers callously murdered fleeing demonstrators & bystanders, shooting them in the back, yesterday in Harare. See video!

2/24 The explanation for the patently criminally act, in violation of international law is linked to a plot by @ZECzim to steal the result of the 2018 presidential election in collusion with ZanuPF & elements of the Army who yesterday unleashed lethal violence against protesters!

3/24 Before making the report I wish to express my condolences to the victims, families & friends of compatriots who were murdered in cold blood or injured yesterday by criminal elements of the ZDF. Nothing can excuse what the soldiers did. Nothing. The ZDF violence was illegal!

4/24 It’s been clear since the election results started coming out from polling stations the night of the election, that Emmerson Mnangagwa was losing the presidential election even, or tellingly also, in constituencies where ZanuPF was winning the parliamentary vote, as in Seke!

5/24 By Tuesday morning, 31 July 2018, the realization that Nelson Chamisa was winning the presidential vote & that ZanuPF parliamentary candidates were performing better than their party’s presidential candidate, caused chaos in sections of the Army, ZanuPF & @ZECzim!

6/24 A decision to compromise the election to deny Nelson Chamisa the vote was made in the wee hours of 31 July. While only a proper investigation will unravel what happened, it included not posting V11 Forms outside 21% of 10,985 polling stations so as to manipulate these forms!

7/24 There was manipulation of V11 Forms at polling stations where the opposition did not have polling agents such as at Gore Village Tent in UMP. It cannot be that Chamisa & all other candidates got zero votes here. The person who signed the V11 Form also signed as the witness!

10/24 Here is another example, this one at night. There have been numerous reports of such incidents involving @ZECzim officials. Typically, #ZEC has said complainants should report such incidents to the Police or go to court; fully aware of Army control of these institutions!

11/24 In effect @ZECzim has refused to clean up it’s own mess; a mess created to facilitate the rigging of the election right from the beginning. The voters roll is a mess, the presidential ballot paper is a mess, ballot boxes are a mess, V11 Forms are a mess; & the list goes on!

12/24 Parallel to the manipulation of V11 Froms & other voting materials, #ZEC & the Military have created narratives to criminalise Chamisa & other @MDCAllianceZW leaders such as @BitiTendai. This is being done to create a pretext for justifying another poll coup by the Army!

13/24 #ZEC told the media it had reported Chamisa to the Police for violating rules for campaigning on election eve but declined to confirm if it had also reported Mnangagwa after he released a campaign video on election eve. #ZEC‘s conduct has betrayed a hidden hand behind it!

14/24 Much has been made by the Army-run ZanuPF & its media that Chamisa incited his supporters by tweeting that he was certain of victory. But Mnangagwa also made similar assertions & even worse his supporters have threatened war if ZanuPF loses & #ZEC has remained deaf to this!

15/24 When #ZEC started to announce parliamentary results, it became clear #ZEC had an intention to create a false narrative of a correlation between parliamentary results & presidential results. The delay in releasing, even partial, presidential results gives credence to this!

16/24 Against this backdrop, everyone became frustrated by & impatient with #ZEC, whose lack of transparency has been a huge problem in this election. It was a no brainer that there was a high probability frustrated voters would exercise their constituiobal right to demonstrate!

17/24 It’s improbable that yesterday’s demonstration surprised anyone. What is surprising & shocking is the massive use of military force which turned Harare into a war zone. Also shocking are the official denials of what happened yesterday with Chiwenga being the worst example!

18/24 Why then did the Army murder innocent civilians yesterday? The answer is simple. The section of the military controlling #ZEC & ZanuPF knew that a fraudulent presidential result was due to be announced by #ZEC today & wanted to preempt any mass action against that result!

19/24 The November coup is now playing out. Like the Army’s 2008 poll coup, the 2018 Army coup is against the popular will of the people expressed at the polls. It’s an indictment on Zimbabwe, Sadc, AU & UN that the 2008 coup makers are also the 2018 coup makers, seen yesterday!

20/24 After yesterday’s cold blooded murder of peaceful civilians by the Army, concerned & shocked citizens inside #ZEC have availed the fraudulent result that #ZEC has cooked up in collusion with the Military. The Army action yesterday was done to impose this fraudulent result!

21/24 Here is the fraudulent presidential election result that @ZECzim has cooked up: Emmerson Mnangagwa: 53.1% 2 387 554 votes Nelson Chamisa: 45.5% 2 048 737 votes Total votes cast 4 497 896 This result is at odds with the tabulation of results at & from polling stations!

22/24 The Army murdered demonstrators & bystanders, such as Sylva Maposa, to impose a fraudulent presidential election result. The Constitution is clear on how the Army is deployed & by who. Who deployed it yesterday? Legally, it can’t be Obert Mpofu, CGP Matanga or Chiwenga. No!

23/24 Sadc, AU & the UN have thus far let down Zimbabweans by folding their arms & not assisting to cure the November coup. The coup makers have taken this failure as a license to do as they wish. The Army murder of civilians in yet another poll coup is a result of that failure!

24/24 Those behind yesterday’s Army atrocity believe in & have enjoyed impunity. They’ve never been held accountable; not over gukurahundi, not over Murambatsvina in 2005, not over 2008 poll coup. It’s time for Sadc & AU to act, if not the UN or the International Criminal Court!

24A/24 This statement by the Human Rights NGO Forum should pave the way to hold accountable, in terms of international law those responsible for deploying the Army with automatic weapons against unarmed civilians who were shot in the back, as they fled soldiers on a rampage!

25B/24 While everybody saw that it is the Army that indiscriminately shot at unarmed civilians & killed at least six & gravely injured many more, the target of the Police investigation are the victims. The Army perpetrators enjoy impunity & are thus untouchable. This must stop!