In what has been widely described as a coup-de-tat at local government level, a 2018 elections losing Zanu PF candidate for Gutu Ward 34, has declared that she is the ‘legitimate’ councillor, as she was appointed by Ezra Chadzamira, the ruling party’s Chairman for Masvingo province.

Susan Samanyanga is now carrying out all the assignments of a councillor in the ward, except attending full council meetings, after she made a coup on the elected opposition MDC T councillor, Wickliff Matindike.

Matindike, who has literally been debased to a councillor on paper, told the regional Masvingo Mirror that he was barred from carrying out his duties as an elected councillor by the Social Welfare Department and the District Development Coordinator, Chiedza Tafirei.

On the other hand, Zanu PF provincial youth chairperson for Masvingo, Brian Munyoro said his party regarded Samatanga as the legitimate councillor for Ward 34.

Moreso, villagers from the ward have also raised concern over the partisan distribution of food and agricultural inputs by the unelected Samatanga.

Because of Samatanga, the villagers say, food rations for disabled people were being reduced by half, in particular the 50kg of maize that each person gets per month, and the difference is shared among Zanu PF supporters.

Samatanga reportedly confirmed to The Mirror that she meets all Government officials who come into the ward and also that she has access to DDC Tafirei at anytime, which powers, the MDC T councillor doesn’t have.

Tafirei could not comment on the matter, referring all questions to the Department of Social Welfare.

On the other hand, Gutu acting Welfare officer, Finish Zimbizi referred all questions to the Provincial Welfare Officer Stanislaus Sanyangowe who said the former (Zimbizi) is actually the one who oversaw the food distribution that was done in Ward 14, with no Zanu PF officials involved.

Since the epoch of dethroned late former president Robert Mugabe, Zanu PF has been accused of distributing food meant for the general citizenry, on party lines.

Additional Reporting: Zwnews