A man who on countless occasions engaged in a series of se_xual escapades with his neighbour’s wife, was last week arraigned before Chief Neshuro’s court where he was convicted of the offence.

Tafara Magadzire, who resides in Neshuro village under Chief Neshuro, pleaded guilty to the offence for sleeping with Ustinah Moyo, who is Brighton Gumbo’s wife.

After full trial, Chief Neshuro, born Rodwell Gudo, ordered Magadzire to pay four beasts and some money to Gumbo.

Giving her side of the story before the court, Moyo said when her husband left for South Africa, she started visiting Magadzire at his homestead where they had se_x on several occasions.

Magadzire, a married man, left his own wife in South Africa, and returned home where he engaged in an adulterous affair with Gumbo’s wife. tell zim