A JILTED married man has clashed with a maid after recording, and posting her nude video on social media.

This follows her decision to dump him.

Chakanyuka “Chakaz” Choto recorded a naked Lisa Nyakapanga, 21, after the two had finished having sex.

The video, posted to H-Metro by Chakaz, was recorded at a house in Ruwa.

They stay in the same neighbourhood and Lisa is a maid in Madokero.

Lisa told H-Metro Chakaz threatened her with unspecified action after her decision to dump him.

Chakaz accused Lisa of bedding her employer’s husband.

“Chakaz is very cruel, indeed,” said Lisa.

“We had a relationship of less than a month but he took me to a house where we engaged in unprotected sex. He is the one who recorded the video he is circulating on social media.

“I had to visit a medical clinic the following day for examination and later learnt that Chakaz had lied to me about his marital status.

“I informed him about my decision to end the relationship and that annoyed him.

“He threatened to deal with me for ditching him and vowed to expose the video he had recorded of me,” said Lisa.

Lisa denied allegations being spread by Chakaz that she had been dating her employer’s husband.

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