This map shows how lockdown rules differed between countries on February 17, with darker colours indicating harsher rules. Light blue shows a score up to 39.9 out of 100 – the least oppressive measures -, and dark blue shows from 40 to 59.9. Black shows between 60 and 69.9, purple shows between 70 to 79.9. The harshest rules are indicated by pink and red, showing countries scoring more than 80 in the analysis.

Zimbabwe’s stringent level stands at 84.26  . Other countries with  tough lockdowns include UK, Canada, Eritrea, Portugal, China, Swaziland, Chile, Mexico and Australia.

Calculations were done by the University of Oxford’s Coronavirus Response Tracker. It is for restrictions as of February 17, the latest available.

The Blavatnik School at Oxford University compiled the response tracker  to compare shutdown measures imposed in different countries.

Zimbabwe’s tough lock down

International Lockdown Map