Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana has apologized to the medical fraternity for his comments that doctors were killing government and ZANU-PF bigwigs.

Mangwana says his personal views he posted were not meant to offend any doctor, and said would want to withdrew the sentiments.

“I expressed my personal view on an issue a Dr had tweeted on. I had no intention to offend any doctor or call any of them names.

“Since it has caused such offence, I withdraw it & apologise for any offence caused. I just hope we can move and not be distracted from work at hand,” he said.


Meanwhile, exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo took a dig at him and questioned what divide Mangwana’s personal and official tweets.

Moyo tweeted:

“Are you withdrawing & apologising due to “the offence” caused? 2. Are you withdrawing & apologizing because your “personal view” was false, scandalous & illegal & had a real risk & possibility of causing alarm & despondency? 3. What’s official vs what’s personal on your TL?”

Apparently, a business consultant commended Mangwana for swallowing his pride.

“That’s leadership Nick, we all know you’re not immortal and expect good behaviour from you. There’s a thin line between when you tweet as a personal opinion and when tweet in a public office,” said the consultant identified as Mutual.

ZANU-PF senior official, Puprai Togarepi said:

“I plead with all our people on various social media platforms to focus on uniting our people against the ravaging Corona virus. Allowing division at this juncture is not helpful.

“As a politician I have comrades and opponents but I wish all of them alike to survive Covid-19.”