A Harare man, Nigel Rubatsito, appeared in court for trespassing the State House, reports 263chat.

Rubatsito went to the State house early in the morning.

He then lied to the soldiers there that he was a Central Intelligence Officer who had come for duty. However, he couldn’t produce an ID.

Meanwhile, recently a man was beaten to death by CIO operatives at State House.

The family of the man allegedly beaten to death by State House security officers demanded a review into his death after highlighting attempts to cover up his murder.

Levy Musendo, 34, had a long-standing mental illness, according to his father.

Musendo left home in Mufakose on August 19 and did not return.

The following morning, his family was contacted by a police officer who would not identify himself, stating that he had been arrested and was at Harare Central Police Station.

His parents, who have engaged lawyers, were at the police station by 9AM on August 20 but were “shuffled from pillar to post”, their lawyers Kadzere, Hungwe and Mandevere say in a letter to the police demanding a “detailed post-mortem