A video where a man caught his girlfriend in a room doing “Hookup” on a lowkey has surfaced online and by extension generated several reactions among internet users.

The video seems to be a set up between the boyfriend and the man who brought his girlfriend into a hotel trying to confirm if she is truly sincere with their relationship or not.

However, the game plan works as the lady obviously accepts the other man’s request and decided to have S@x with him despite being in a serious relationship with her boyfriend.

The lady was already trying to get down with the other man by removing her clothes, then the boyfriend bumped in and hell broke loose.

The boyfriend who is apparently shocked and furious at the condition he meets his girlfriend goes aggressive as he turns the room into hullaballoo by bringing out the utmost anger embedded in him.

The boyfriend gets into heated exchange with the lady and was held back by the man who brought his girlfriend into the room for “Hookup” when he almost land a standing fan at her.

Speaking her own part, the lady admitted that it was her first time and went on to say “what is the meaning of all this, you planning together, the two of you planning together, I am just trying today. I don’t understand.”