In a bizarre incident, A 25-year old Mberengwa man has axed his biological father (72) to death after he callied his wife a prostitute and ordered him to divorce.

The altercation begun when Brenda Dube (18), the wife to Lunias Jojo, came home drunk in the middle of the night and that angered her father in-law Luke Jojo who ordered his son to divorce his wife which he called a prostitute.

Midlands Liaison Officer Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident.

“We’ve received reports from Mberengwa police station that, Lonias was ordered to divorce wife by his father and that didn’t go well with him and led him to murder his father by strucking his head two times using an axe.”

It is alleged that, it did not go well with Lunias who then took an axe and struck on his father two times on the middle of the head and left him dead in cold blood.

It is further reported that, with the help of his wife Dube, Jojo carried the body and dumped it in a mining shaft which is about 400m from their homestead.

The following morning the accused went on to report the missing of his father to the village head.

Following a man search by a team assigned by headman, the body was then discovered in a mining shaft with fresh wounds and the matter reported to Mberengwa police station.

Police later arrested Jojo and Duve.

The deceased was taken to Zvishavane District Hospital mortuary pending post-mortem.