A Gwanda man has died from wounds sustained after being stabbed at a local night club following a dispute over a commercial se_x worker today.

Residents of Gwanda have been left shell shocked following the gruesome murder the Matshetshe man in the early hours of today.

The accused person Obadiah Dube aged 40 and the victim are said to have been drinking beer at Club 626 around mid night when the deceased sought the services of the lady of the night, who was also his girlfriend.

The commercial se_x worker identified as Miriam Chalibe aged 25 refused to leave with the victim as he resided in Matshetshe which is a distance from Gwanda town.

The now deceased is then said to have left the club and returned around 1am to find the accused person trying to seek the services of his girlfriend.

An argument ensued outside the club leading to the victim being stabbed near his right shoulder.

“My boyfriend left the club and later came back around 1am that is when Obadiah approached me seeking for my services but i refused and told him i was afraid of the deceased. He then insisted saying i should follow him outside. Whilst outside the deceased came and stood in between me and my client. That is when Obadiah drew a knife and stabbed my boyfriend at the back of his neck,” she said. zbc