An ardent follower of a local church was on Thursday forced to exhume the body of his late wife in Darwendale, with his late wife’s family claiming he buried her without consulting them.

Brown Chivero was reported to have hired three people to help him bury his late wife Kundai Nyamayaro during the night without consulting her relatives.

Darwendale residents followed the exhumation process conducted by Nyaradzo Funeral Parlour in the presence of police.

Chivero told H-Metro that he was not familiar with traditional customs concerning burials as he followed proceedings few meters from the cemetery.

“It is unfortunate that my in-laws have decided to take this action a few days after burying my wife,” said Chivero.

“Hama dzemukadzi vanekumusha kwezita vanogara muHarare zvino handizive kwavavekuda kunomuviga,” he said refusing to answer further questions.

“We were shocked by the way Chivero buried his wife,” said the residents.

“Akamuviga sembwa chaiyo kutenga doro kupa varume vatatu kuti vamubatsire kuviga mudzimai akamuberekera vana vashanu.

“Hatizi kuda kuremadza nekutukisa chipositori nekuda kwekutarisira munhu kadzi pasi.

“We have never witnessed such an incident here and Chivero relocated to this place two months ago and few people really know him,” said the resident.

Some pleaded with the Nyamayaro family to resolve the issue amicably arguing that it was a taboo to exhume a body.

“Vakasasiya vadyara mubhanana pavafukunura apo vanopera dzinza rese.

“It was best for them to resolve the issue with Chivero other than resorting to exhumation,” said one of the residents.

Nyamayaro family spokesperson Rosa Lubende said Chivero secretly took the deceased from Chitungwiza and blocked their contacts and denied her medication.

“As a family we were shocked by Chivero’s decision to bury his wife without consulting any of her relatives,” said Lubende.

“His wife passed on and he buried her on the same day and that is why we have questions.

“We were aware that she was sick and we contributed a lot for her medication before he hid her from us preferring prayers.

“Chivero took our relative from the comfort of her house in Zengeza to Darwendale where he engaged his church to pray for her living in squalor,” fumed Lubende.
-H Metro