FOUR bouncers bashed a man for sending a picture in a WhatsApp group in which one of them was seated with a young girl.

The picture features one Peter Dumbura, who is suspected to be in his 50s.

He then connived with his friends and approached Nicholas Mutorerwa, whom they punched several times.

The picture was shared on Wednesday and he was attacked on Saturday afternoon.

No official police report has been made but witnesses said Nicholas ended up vomiting blood.

In the picture, Peter is with Tanyaradzwa Mujati, 24.

In a video, also doing rounds on social media, the four bouncers can be seen bashing the defenceless, Nicholas.

A witness said: “Nicho was bashed after he forwarded the picture in which Peter anga akaberekwa naTanyaradzwa.

“So, in the same group there is Tanya, who got angry with picture since people started laughing at them.

“She then advised her man kuti ndikusekwa before they teamed up to bash him.”

Another source said, Nicholas pleaded for forgiveness but to no avail.

“Akarohwa seachafa but the picture was trending and he just forwarded not knowing.

“So the girl complained, vakabva vamutaimira achingobuda mubhawa vakamurova rough.

“He was seriously injured and went for a check-up since ainzi aibuda ropa nemukanwa.”

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