A HARARE woman is in the eye of a storm after she lured an unsuspecting man to look after a child who was not his for FOUR years.

Annah Munzeiwa was exposed by her partner, only identified as Dakarai, after he decided to go for DNA tests after having taken care of the child for four years.

It was discovered that the child was not his.

Annah is now accusing Dakarai of domestic violence.

H-Metro is possession of the DNA results which confirms that the child is not Dakarai’s kid.

Efforts to get a comment from Annah were fruitless as her mobile number was not reachable.

Dakarai spoke to H-Metro.

“She has been holding my family hostage claiming that I was the father of her child for the last four years.

“She made me take care of this kid and she even tried to kill the kid last year at our house claiming that the family dogs had bitten him.

“The cuts were not consistent with dog bites.

“So, we were back home for a memorial service and managed to do the DNA tests and it came out I am not the father.”

According to Dakarai, he was then accused by Annah of setting the dogs on the child.

“She tried to blame it on my dogs after she had tried to get me arrested twice on false accusations.

“The child was injured and the blame was put on me.”

Dakarai said they met in 2018.

“We met back in 2018 when I used to come on holidays from the UK because I grew up and did my Form 1, University and work there but, because I inherited about four properties, I don’t see myself staying in the UK.

“At one point she left me, the baby for six or seven months.

“The second time she came to leave the baby through her mainini.

“All along I was thinking he was mine until the DNA results. I am the one who took her to the hospital to give birth and moved in together.

“I was always giving her US$150 every month for the boy.”

Dakarai’s sister said:

“She was trying to put our estate in the kids’ name the whole of last year and men need to be warned about her in Harare.

“She got the results and now she is claiming that, maybe, the baby was swapped at birth and this happened after my brother started dating another girl.”