Image: H Metro

A 78-YEAR-OLD Mhondoro man is demanding compensation and lobola back from his “son” amid claims he discovered that he is not the biological father.

Speaking to H-Metro, Wilson Shirichena, said he was shocked after being informed by Milton Shirichena, (49)that he was not his father.

Wilson told H-Metro that Milton was approached by his alleged father only identified as Zumbunu before his death and he confessed the long-kept secret.

“When I received the news, I was heartbroken and could not believe that my wife kept this secret from me for 43 years.

“What I now want is compensation and my lobola back from my son since I paid all damages for him on behalf of his father, who had impregnated my wife before I married her,” he said.

Wilson said he had no other option but to ask Milton to pay him back since all his in-laws are dead.

“My wife is not feeling well. She has mental issues and all my in-laws are dead and Milton should pay back my money on behalf of his father,” he said

Responding to the allegations, Milton said he was never summoned by his so-called dying father about the alleged secret.

“I cannot deny the fact there are rumours circulating that I am not his biological son, but I never spoke about it with him.

“If he is sure about the secret, he should follow proper procedures rather than throw me out of the family like a dog,” said Milton. H Metro