Tatenda Chizu

Another registered nurse in hot soup over rape!

A male nurse at Chibi Mission Clinic is facing rape charges after he allegedly followed a woman from Riverside Business Centre in Chivi and forced her into a bush where he allegedly attempted to rape her.

The woman was allegedly saved by her tight jeans and voices of people passing by that alerted the accused who then escaped.

Mabasa Mugoni appeared before magistrate Bishard Chineka recently facing attempted rape charges.

It is the State case that on January 21, 2017 at 6pm, the complainant was at Riverside Business Centre where she had gone to collect her cell phone which was being charged at Makudo shop.

While at the shops the complainant went to a veranda at a bottle store and started talking to Last Chingwende.

Mugoni then approached the two and asked Last Chingwende why he was talking to the complainant as if she was his wife.

The complainant then left the shops going home and Mugoni followed her as if he was also going home.

Mugoni got hold of the complainant’s shoulder as she was about to cross a stream, lifted her up and went off the road.

He then placed her on top of a rock, unzipped his trousers, produced his erect organ and tried to insert it into the complainant.

But he failed since she was wearing a pair of very tight jean trousers.

The two ‘fought’ for some time with the complainant screaming and shouting for help.

Mugoni then heard voices of people coming from shops and he ran away leaving the complainant who could hardly walk because she had sprained her leg.

The matter was reported to Police leading to Mugoni’s arrest.