An outbreak of malaria in Zimbabwe has resulted in the deaths of one hundred and thirty-one people while a massive 135 585 has contracted the disease which is notoriously counted as one of the killer diseases in Africa.
In Mashonaland East province, a total of 17 deaths were recorded last week alone.
According to a report from the Ministry of Health and Child Care, a total of 201 malaria outbreaks have been reported throughout the country, mostly from malarious provinces such as Manicaland, Masvingo and Mashonaland East.
The Government says it has since managed to control 90 outbeaks.
“Of the reported cases, 1 935 were from the under five years of age,’ the Ministry said.
The deaths were recorded in Mutoko district, in Mashonaland East province and in Mbire district. Zimbabwe is currently battling to fight the spread of the catastrophic Covid-19 with President Emmerson Mnangagwa expected to make an announcement on the 21-day mandatory lockdown which ends today.