Mnangagwa was deliberately poisoned..Makandiwa prophecy

Latest reports suggest Makandiwa saw the sad fall of EDM 5 months ago

After an ongoing debate,It has emerged that the prolific prophet Makandiwa did prophesy about the demise of Vice President Emerson Mnangagwa.

 After many had dismissed it as hogwash due to a wrong video that had been making rounds on social media, the real video has emerged.
A video made on the 9th of April shows that indeed prophet Makandiwa foresaw a prominent government official being poisoned and vomiting continuously which is a text book case of what is believed to have happened to Mnangagwa. Makandiwa started by asking his congregation to pray for the country first and the leadership before zeroing in on one individual. He expressed a reluctance to mention the name as he said the issue was too close to home therefore uncomfortable for him to delve into. He however delivered the prophecy on said individual.

“But there is a very prominent person in politics that we need to pray for because I see something entering into his stomach ,vomiting, vomiting, vomiting. At first it’s food, at the end it’s blood. And he’s in the hospital, only prayers can save this man”

 Makandiwa went on to say that the man has been so loyal to his authorities supposedly using his hands to make a gesture on how high on the hierachy the individual is suggesting that there is only one person above him. A few minutes later Makandiwa makes a non-descript sound which causes him and the church to double down in laughter. While the gibberish sounds like ‘tongues’ spoken in churches at the first go, it has emerged that he was imitating helicopter sounds with his mouth. To those who have been following the Mnangagwa case, it is said the VP had to be airlifted to the first hospital whilst still in the country then he was airlifted to South Africa as well.

5 months later, the news hit the stands that the VP had been posioned, the rest as they say, is history.