Mugabe’s speeding Motorcade crashes as he rushes to rescue fugitive wife in South Africa

It never rains but pours for the embattled Mugabe Family. They have just been involved in a car accident, zimnewsnet can reveal.

Eye witnesses say Mugabe’s biker hit a private vehicle today, Wednesday,16 August 2017.

No casualties reported yet.

crashed Mugabe bike..far right near tree

According to another source, President Robert Mugabe’s escort biker rammed into a learner’s vehicle 30 minutes ago in Harare just after Show Grounds towards Belvedere.

A government worker who refused to be named told reporters that Mugabe’s car sped past the accident scene as if all was well.

Mugabe is due to jet into South Africa today to assist his wife who is facing assault charges as well as to check on the wellbeing of his long time lieutenant, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is battling for his life at Wits University Hospital after he allegedly swallowed poison at Gwanda while the President was addressing Zanu PF youths.

Zimbabwe police spokesperson was not available when asked to comment on Mugabe accident news.