Popular socialite Felistas Murata popularly known as Mai TT has reportedly sent private investigator Tafadzwa Chidawa (Detective Khedha) along with a group of men identifying themselves as Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers to arrest Facebook socialite Patricia Jack.

According, to Crime Watch Zimbabwe, one of the supposed officers identified himself as Sergeant Chakanetsa.

It is reported that they claimed that their intention was to arrest Jack for cyberbullying, but failed to present an arrest warrant or their ZRP ID cards.

Crime Watch Zimbabwe further reports that there was another video later showing Patricia being placed in chains after a futile attempt to resist arrest.

The arrest follows a series of public disputes between Pattricia Jack and another socialite, Mai Tt.

The two, once close friends, have now become adversaries, frequently airing their grievances and revealing each other’s secrets on social media platforms.