CONTROVERSIAL Zimbabwe social media celebrity Mai Titi has claimed that she has bedroom tapes of herself in action with ex-lover Zizoe which will be leaked to the public media soon to prove that they were indeed having a sexual affair.  Mai Titi’s statement seems to have been a response targeted at her ex-lover’s sister whom she only refers to as Nyari in the video.

The bedroom tapes saga is already well known on social media after Mai Titi recently told reporters that she would not miss her Ben 10 ex-boyfriend because of his bedroom incompetency.

She claimed he was just a one minute player and often left her unsatisfied.

She said she can’t cry over losing Zizoe because she can’t cry over a man who can’t satisfy her in bed.

“Zizoe can’t even last five minutes in bed, so how can I cry over a man who does not satisfy me in bed,” she said.