CONTROVERSIAL ZIMBABWE influencer, Felistas Murata Edwards,  known as Mai Titi is now officially engaged to her Nigerian man Mr. Obina.

A video posted on Facebook shows the mystery Mr. Obina proposing to her and saying;

“My love, my life and my everything my heart is racing now but its for the right reasons. This is just an engagement ring but the real one is coming.”

Obina said he came all the way from Nigeria to Zimbabwe to propose to his fiancé as a sign of how deep his love for Mai Titi is. He further added that he will make Mai Titi his wife regardless of what people say about her.

Mai Titi has been in news recently after she was sued by her friends on alleged attempted murder charges which have been denied by all parties concerned.

Early this year, Mai Titi broke up with her ex-boyfriend Zizoe, the relationship did not end well as they exchanged words on social media. Mai Titi started dating Obina just a few months after parting ways with Zizoe.

It is not clear why she ended her relationship with Zizoe who was many years her junior.