Talk show host, Dr Rebecca Chisamba has been given the Order of the Star of Zimbabwe Silver Award for her outstanding contributions to public service.

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa gave her the award for her shows which have tackled societal vices and issues that were deemed taboo.

The Mai Chisamba Show is an independent production by Chisamba Productions and Media Consultancy. The award-winning talk show airs weekly on Sundays on Zimbabwe’s ZBC TV.

The show’s main objective is the promotion of local languages and progressive cultural values through discussions on a wide range of issues including trending topics of the day, current events, culture, family, as well as social and economic issues.

As a motivational speaker, Mai Chisamba’s success story as a female pathfinder in the media industry and business world at large is unrivalled.

She challenged gender stereotypes of the day with sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance to emerge an outstanding orator.

From her wealth of personal life experiences as a mother, entrepreneur, woman, talk show host coupled with her formal academic expertise, she has deep knowledge and wisdom to speak on a wide range of topics from entrepreneurship, to woman rights, to African culture and so many other issues.

Her unique and charismatic way of communicating, definitely inspires any audience.