Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa’s lawyer Thabani Mpofu says it is not illegal to share v11s say on some public platform and aggregate them with the result that the winner becomes clear to all.

He was responding to the warning issued by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission ZEC that it is illegal for people to announce election results before it does.

ZEC recently issued the warning in that regard, but Mpofu says citizens are free to share V11s and even calculate the figures to know the winner.

“This is what people seem to be interested in and you will do well to express yourselves on this matter,” he says.

Mpofu adds that by law, it is the presidential vote that should be counted first.

“We must, at all polling stations, have the presidential v11s latest by 10PM. It follows therefore that any rigging commences at that very hour. Let’s all exercise diligence. Uyu haadzoki uyu,” he says.

Apparently, according to the statutes it is ZEC which should announce election results.

ZEC has up to five days to announce the presidential election results. In some cases the country’s electoral management body has taken more than five days to announce the presidential election results amid allegations of vote rigging.