Charity Dlodlo one of the alleged victim of se_xual abuse by Walter Magaya gave an interview on the matter which has taken the country by storm.

While revealing that there is a lot of young women who have been silenced by money and the need to save marriages and future relationships, Dlodlo, who gained fame on Studio 263 as Mai Madziva, said that she fled the country after PHD linked thugs threatened her with death.

Dlodlo further claimed that she escaped being ra_ped by Magaya when she was asked to come to his Prospect offices where she knelt before the prophet, as per church tradition.

She said Magaya rose from his chair, k!ssed her and touched her brea_sts. Dlodlo cried out loud, possibly attracting the attention of those who were nearby.

This happened after Magaya said the following to her:

I’m missing you,..I love you. I told you you are mine, I want to marry you.