The shona term Mashura best narrates what transpired in Kadoma where a vendor teamed up with his wife to abuse a 14 year old girl on several occasions for almost a month.

The vendor who is popurlaly known as Madzibaba Tino trades his business at Waverly rank the same area where the victim’s father works as a security guard at a close by food shop.

According to the girl’s parents (names withheld) their daughter went missing for nearly a month.

They later received a tip that she was co-habiting with a married couple in Waverly location.

They trapped the girl and located her staying with a man whom they knew.

Narrating the story the father said the shameful rapist was always being nice to him.

“I know the rapist so much that each time l would meet him he would shower me with praises saying Mukanya. Little did l know he was bedding my daughter behind my back.

” l brought back my daughter home before raising the matter with the police.”

“Upon interogation that is when the she spilled the beans for the vendor whom she accused of sleeping with her in the same room with the wife.”

She further said she would stay locked inside their house during the day while the rapist and wife were selling their products.”

The father also said the shameless vendor after being tipped that the matter has been reported to the police then visited his home to try and negotiate an out of court settlement.

“This did not go well with me as l felt being disrespected at highest order.”

“Worse more l also blame the police for letting an alleged criminal walking scot free.”