Stanley Goreraza  | Mnangagwa will move heaven and earth to make sure the former first couple are comfortable and happy, using money that belongs to vendors and the people of Zimbabwe. But for those vendors and the people of Zimbabwe, he will do nothing, except to punish them, using their own money.

As I write this, a Tsunami is underway in Ruwa, about 30 km from Harare. Tuckshops, small groceries repair shops, and other small businesses have been destroyed on government orders.

Scores have been left with no means of livelihood. Some of the money paid by these small entrepreneurs as taxes end up chartering planes, paying for the funerals of the rich and paying for their medical attention in far away foreign lands. Some of this money is used to pay the police who destroy their businesses and chase them from their chosen locations of business.

That is why Jesus said “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven” Nothing new and nothing has changed. The rich are the reason the poor are poor, as if that is not enough, they make life hell for them.

Mnangagwa loves Mr Mugabe. They did so much together, most of it bad and evil, most of it which kept the poor in poverty and most of it against the poor.

When we talk about the rich in Zimbabwe, we talk about politicians, Zanupf politicians mostly. When we talk about the wicked, we talk about politicians, Zanupf politicians mostly. And they will never change. Their words might change, but not who they are and what they do.

Millions will be spent on planes and cars. But nothing is spent on burst sewer pipes and the health of ordinary people. Millions will be spent sending the rich overseas for flu and headaches, but a fraction of that is spent on cholera and typhoid.

Vendors are not responsible for cholera. The people who fly to Singapore and South Africa for medical attention, are responsible for cholera and typhoid.

The blue roof will never be demolished. But a hungry man’s single roomed shack will be destroyed. The rich are safe in Borrowdale and Highlands, but the poor face homelessness wherever they try to put up home.

It’s the evil of this world. A politician can have thousands killed, but he will never see the inside of a jail. A politician can steal billions, still he will not see the inside of prison. In fact, he will be called a hero, an icon.

A poor man can kill another man and that will be the end of his life. A poor man can steal a loaf of bread, and the judge will throw the book at him.

This world is the rich mans heaven. And it is the poor mans hell. It would be a miracle for a rich man to enter God’s kingdom because the riches of this world and evil go hand in hand.

Jesus spoke of Lazarus and the rich man, Mnangagwa and vendors. One day Mnangagwa will ask for a cup of cool water from the same vendors who were nothing on earth and they will say “There is a chasm between us like there was on earth! We cannot get there and you cannot get here”