A second look at the clip of @ProfMadhuku  defending the indefensible on behalf of the disgraced Ambassador Plenipotentiary Uebert Angel gives the distinct impression from his body language that he is terrified.

He himself was frightened by the import of the unbelievable things that he was saying, perhaps because – among other breath-taking considerations – he was acutely aware of the provisions of section 226 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, regarding the command and control of national intelligence.

The section provides as follows:


(1)………. (2) The Director-General of Intelligence Services must exercise his or her command or control in accordance with any general written policy directives given by the Minister responsible for the national intelligence service acting under the authority of the President.

(3)………. So, if @ProfMadhuku  is to be taken seriously, which is hard if not impossible to do, effectively what he is saying on the attached clip on behalf of Uebert Angel is that the Director-General of Intelligence Services [namely the Central Intelligence Organisation or CIO] Isaac Moyo, was in charge of this circus of a so-called ‘classified national intelligence operation” the results of which are deleterious implications on @edmnangagwa ‘s political, social and moral capital and his standing and on the reputation of national security institutions.

If that is the case, then the inescapable conclusion is that an intelligence operation that does not serve its President from ridicule and contempt and from putting his office and institutions of the State into disrepute is a runaway rogue operation!

jonathan moyo