A woman from Mpofu village in Lupane, Matabeleland North, has reportedly been expelled from an irrigation scheme due to her alleged links with the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Patricia Moyo’s (42) membership in the Bubi-Lupane irrigation scheme was terminated after her husband, Thulani Mlotshwa successfully filed his nomination papers to represent CCC in Ward 18 as a councillor in the upcoming elections.

The irrigation’s chairperson Gerald Mlotshwa wrote a letter to Moyo notifying her of the decision.

“As a committee of the irrigation scheme we have been given a directive by ZANU-PF that is the President’s Office to inform you that you are no longer part of the scheme with effect from 22 June 2023 and you won’t receive any benefits,” read the handwritten letter.

The letter also stated that if she had objections she should get in touch with the ruling party and the President’s office.

Moyo has been a member of the irrigation scheme for the past three years and the produce she gets from the harvest goes towards feeding her family.

“They wrote me a letter on the 22nd of June and was called on the 23rd of June and told me that I am no longer a member of the irrigation scheme, the reason was not stated but they had previously quizzed me about how I am part of the irrigation when my husband is contesting for CCC,” she told CITE.

“I told them that I am not part of the politics and when I joined the irrigation scheme, they said it was for all Mpofu villagers and most people who joined are women, men are just a few, that is how I responded to them.”

Mlotshwa said it is shocking that the issue has been politicised when all along the irrigation scheme has been serving all community members.

“When they first arrived in the community, they said the scheme is for all villagers and politics won’t be involved, but now they are saying it’s for ZANU-PF, and everyone paid a joining fee of R800. As it is they sent sunflowers to GMB but they are saying she won’t get anything,” said Mlotshwa.

Contacted for comment, Khumalo said he was only a messenger and could not comment further on the matter.

“I was only a messenger so I don’t have any powers to say anything,” he said.