Renowned businessman Lumumba William Gerald Mutumanje faces imminent arrest if he fails to comply with a court order demanding the immediate return of his minor child to his estranged wife, Lilian Rufaro Madyara. Justice Priscillah Munangati-Manongwa issued the order, stipulating that the child, named Treasure Kupakwashe, should be handed over to the custodial parent.

In addition to the court order, the Officers-in-Charge of Highlands and Avondale police stations have been instructed to accept and record a report of child abduction against Lumumba. This legal action follows a complaint filed by Lilian’s cousin, Angeline Chido Madyara, who approached the High Court after Lumumba unlawfully removed the child from school on May 23.

Lumumba’s actions involved deceiving the school and taking the child without Angeline’s consent. The court order explicitly prohibits Lumumba from removing the child from the enrolled school or interfering with the custody arrangement without the express consent of the child’s mother.

Although Lumumba and Lilian are in a customary marriage and share a child, they are no longer residing together. Lumumba has been residing in South Africa since October of the previous year.

Justice Munangati-Manongwa’s ruling mandates that the police assist Chido, Lilian’s cousin, in ensuring the safe return of the child. It should be noted that Lumumba had previously sought access to the child through the Children’s Court in April. The court granted him visitation rights on alternate weekends and two weeks during each school holiday, a decision that Lilian opposes.

However, the recent incident occurred when Lumumba unlawfully took the child from school. Allegedly, Lilian traveled to China on May 23 and left the child in the care of Angeline. Lumumba purportedly visited the school under false pretenses, claiming to be searching for a suitable place for a child. Upon spotting his child in the classroom, he forcibly removed the child despite the school’s attempts to intervene.

Angeline was informed by the school and contacted Lumumba, who claimed he was taking the child to a movie at Sam Levy’s Village. However, upon the movie’s conclusion, Lumumba did not return the child to Angeline as agreed. Instead, he stated that he would escort her to her destination and hand over the child at the gate. Despite Angeline’s efforts to prevent Lumumba from taking the child, he did so in the presence of the attending police officers.

The following day, Angeline attempted to report the incident as a kidnapping at Avondale Police Station. However, the police officers declined to assist, citing that Lumumba had not committed any criminal offense.