In a shocking turn of events, Harare lawyer Obey Zimbodza finds himself facing accusations of defrauding a couple of a substantial sum of US$22,000.

According to the allegations, Zimbodza posed as the legal representative of the purported owner of a residential stand that had piqued the interest of the couple seeking to make a purchase.

Zimbodza made an appearance in court just yesterday, as the details of his alleged deception came to light. It is claimed that he orchestrated a scheme to trick Tinei and Judith Mashinge by arranging a meeting with his accomplice, who portrayed themselves as the rightful owner of the property. During this meeting, an “agreement of sale” was signed with the impostor.

The shocking truth only came to light when the couple attempted to transfer the property into their names, only to discover that they had fallen victim to a fraudulent act.

According to court proceedings, the Mashinges had identified a piece of land in Bluffhill, measuring over 1,000 square meters, and had shown a keen interest in purchasing it. Inquiries about the property led them into the deceptive web woven by Zimbodza and his at-large accomplice. Zimbodza lured the couple and their lawyer, Itayi Ndudzo, to his office to meet the supposed “seller” and finalize the transaction.

During the meeting, Zimbodza and the impostor, assuming the identity of Cleopas Fambi, presented themselves to the couple. The imposter went to great lengths to establish credibility, producing an identity card bearing Fambi’s details along with a photo, while Zimbodza presented a deed of transfer in Fambi’s name.

Trusting in the seemingly legitimate proceedings, the couple proceeded to pay a staggering sum of US$22,000 and formally signed the “agreement of sale” with the impostor.

The details of this fraudulent act highlight the need for vigilance and caution when engaging in property transactions. The court proceedings will shed further light on the matter, exposing the extent of Zimbodza’s alleged deceit and determining the appropriate legal consequences for his actions.