In a surprising turn of events, popular actor Zabron Kazani has found himself embroiled in a controversy after allegedly impregnating his maid, Rachel Machona (19), during a secret affair and subsequently refusing to take responsibility for her and the unborn child. This unfortunate situation has sparked a conflict between Kazani, Machona, and her mother, resulting in legal and village court proceedings.

Kazani, well-known for his role in the ZBC series Zvazviri, has admitted to the affair but vehemently denies insulting Machona’s mother. The matter was reported to the village head and the police, leading to Kazani being fined and ordered to undergo a DNA test to confirm paternity.

During the court proceedings, Kazani was directed to pay a goat as a form of compensation, with an alternative option of providing US$25. Machona, who claims to be in her second trimester of pregnancy, expressed her disappointment and frustration with Kazani’s lack of interest in supporting her.

Machona shared her side of the story, revealing that she had started working as a domestic worker in Kazani’s household in October of the previous year. Additionally, she was involved in selling goods at his tuck-shop. According to Machona, Kazani persistently pursued her romantically, but she initially rejected his advances due to their familial connection. However, they eventually entered into a secret relationship in November.

Machona’s discontentment arises from Kazani’s current disinterest in their relationship and his neglect of her well-being. She cited a fallout with Kazani’s wife as the reason for her departure from their household. Initially, they had an agreement that Kazani would rent a place for her and provide for their child. However, Kazani’s behavior became erratic, and he even insulted Machona’s mother.

Feeling aggrieved, Machona approached the village head, Sabhuku Chirodza, on May 18, resulting in Kazani being fined. During the confrontation, Kazani’s wife caused a disturbance by throwing stones at Machona. Allegedly, Kazani threatened Machona’s life by stating that he wanted to kill his own wife.

Confirming the secret affair, Kazani admitted to the relationship with his maid, which had taken place without his wife’s knowledge. After several intimate encounters, Machona informed him of her pregnancy, prompting Kazani to suggest that she find her own place to rent, ensuring the secrecy of their affair. Subsequently, Machona moved out of Kazani’s residence. However, she later reported the matter to the village head, leading to the fines and involvement of the local authorities.

Kazani further revealed that Machona escalated the situation by involving his in-laws and attempting to coerce him into marriage due to her pregnancy. He expressed his disappointment that Machona broke their agreement to keep the affair confidential.

The ongoing conflict between Kazani, Machona, and their families remains unresolved as they navigate the legal and social implications of their complicated situation.