My response to all those who are saying I should comment about Mary Chiwenga’s issue. This is my response and my opinion about her case. Mary Chiwenga is not above the law.

She is not compelled to go to court if she is not feeling well. Her lawyer can advise the courts of her health status and an administrative warrant of arrest is issued until she attends court physically.

It is unfortunate that she has chosen a political grandstanding route to seek empathy from the court of public opinion.

In life, there is something called karma. She denied her ex-husband Shingi Kawondera access to his children for more than ten years.

Squandered Shingi’s savings as she enjoyed the generals’ love. She enjoyed the best of what she called life then. Which women did she stand with?

As if that was not enough, she forged a marriage certificate, tried to kill the general and has a history of abusing maids.

What exactly should I be commenting about? The law is stubborn and the only comment I have is let the law take its course.

Linda Masarira, LEAD President