This is totally unacceptable. Does Zesa management know about this and will the police and anti corruption get involved? I received this in my inbox. Please Fortune Chasi if you read this do something!

“Hie mkoma Stan.
Could you please share this with the general public but please exclude my name.

The corruption at Zesa is not confined to their offices but regrettably extends to the field. Here in Ruwa we are being charged between US$10 – 30 dollars for Zesa technicians to attend to faults. You can report a fault on this number 0242704040 a thousand times and each time they’ll give you a reference number and promise someone will come that very day and noone ever does. Zesa owns a Base in Ruwa’s industrial area where they also take reports which they do not translate into action. You have to source for a technicians personal phone number, report the fault and offer “something” and without delay their trucks will be at your gate.
A woman called Tenga is running this show. You have to wreck your mind every time you experience a technical power fault because you have to part with foreign currency to have the problem fixed. Clearly this woman does have the first clue about what she is doing or she is getting a cut from Zesa technicians in this corrupt scheme to rob electricity customers.
We are in trouble here in Ruwa with Ruwa police worse than Zesa in terms of corruption. There are only two crimes that don’t end up with money being exchanged in Ruwa and these are murder and rape. Everything after that attracts US dollars for Ruwa police. They’ll charge a suspect and advise them “ona zvekuita” and if they cough up something not less than US$20, they are in business and Ruwa police will arrange their release, paperwork and all. Sometimes the police will work out a deal with a prosecutor and magistrate to let a serious offender get of lightly or easy, as long as you show them the money and by money I don’t mean ecocash, bond money or RTGS.
What are we going to do Zimbabwe?
Our country is a serious tragedy. Surely when will this end?”


stanley goreraza