The Zimbabwe Republic Police have warned members of the public against moving around or keeping huge amounts of money in their homes as there are robbers who are targeting foreign currency.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Dail News this weekend, national Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said:

The robbers are particularly targeting US dollars and rands. Also of concern to us is the amount of money which is being kept and stolen from homes and companies.

It seems to us that in many of the reported cases that these robbers may have had inside information … which means someone would have passed on information to them.

Nyathi then urged members of the public to avoid sharing information about their financial status with others as cases recorded so far suggest that robbers will be possessing information about those with money and the exact place where the money would be stashed.

The country has had a cash crisis for years now resulting in some members of the public resorting to keeping money in their phones or homes as their confidence in traditional banks is now in short supply.