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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Zanu PF using G&P Mine to ‘win’ Kwekwe Central seat


I am a Kwekwe resident and would kindly request that you protect my identity.

This, I say because the issue that I am going to touch on is quite sensitive and may get me into serious trouble.

Needless to say, I am also a Zanu PF supporter deeply worried by the existing differences in the Party which are starkly contrasted to our projections for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Five Million votes in 2023.

But, my main issue here is about the Globe and Phoenix Pit which was banned for use by the Government a couple of years ago, but is being used by aspiring Member Parliament for Kwekwe Central, Energy ‘Dhala’ Ncube.

Quite typical of the Gaika Mine debacle which resulted in the international community condemning Harare and leaving President Mnangagwa’s global charm in disarray!

The G and P Pit is now being used for selfish political gains by Dhala and his crew who also stand accused of subjecting illegal mine workers to some of the most humiliating circumstances.

I have an example of a very close colleague who was degradingly treated by a one Johnson who happens to be a security guard at the Pit.

The colleague in question, who is prepared to narrate his ordeal to all citizens, through various means of communication, including the press, said that he was stripped of his clothing and had Johnson checking for ‘hidden’ gold on his back.

His a*s!!

When he went to Kwekwe Central to file a police report, the gold panner in question was told, bareface, by an officer who attended to him that the security guards had every reason to search ‘everywhere’ they thought the gold deposits could be hidden by suspected thieving workers at the Pit.

The poor brother was left with no option apart from heading home. He now wants his matter published in the press but this could hit a brick-wall since most of the journalists in Kwekwe appear to be too compromised to carry articles that portray a negative image of the Dhala camp.

This, without any shred of doubt, is a miscarriage of justice on the part of the police and there’s undeniable suspicion that Dhala’s relationship to state security Minister Owen Mudha Ncube, who is his uncle, could be reason for such police officers’ actions.

In the African township of Amaveni, the countdown to the anticipated Zanu PF primary election between Dhala and Shadow MP Kandros Mugabe has reached imponderable levels with the former using the theoretically ‘abandoned’ Pit to divide supporters.

Women, on the other hand, have become involuntary pawns in the Kwekwe Central fight as they’re occasionally bussed on weekends to work at the Pit and they have often been involved in the fights at the Zanu PF Kwekwe District Headquarters in the CBD.

Someone, somewhere, has to intervene!

I sign off!!!

Jimero, Mbizo


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