In a country where same sex relationships are interdicted and considered taboo, a self-styled Gweru prophetess has landed herself in deep trouble after she sexually assaulted a fellow woman she had offered accomodation at her residence.

The prophetess, Juliet Masakaire (29) who is the founder of the Pray, Deliverance and Testimony ministries, was arrested last Sunday, charged with indecent assault, police authorities confirmed.

Midlands Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko revealed that Masakaire, widely known as Prophetess Julie, delivered a ‘prophecy’ to her victim in which she said the complainant was going to get married to a man named Stan Chinyonga.

“From the day of the prophesy, during the night the accused person Prophetess Julie started to speak to the complainant with a male voice saying, ‘l want to marry you’. Prophetess Julie reportedly overpowered the victim and started kissing her,” partly reads the statement from the police

“She (Prophetess Julie) then went on top of the complainant and inserted her fingers into the complainant’s private parts on four different occasions,” the police say.

Goko revealed that Prophetess Julie would soon appear in court.

more details to follow…

Additional Reporting: Zwnews