Technological advancements have revolutionized the gambling industry. Punters can place their bets from online platforms like Online Casino NZ from any location in the world. However, gambling is only a bit part of a casino’s appeal.

That is why currently, there are punters crossing countries and oceans to visit the renowned casinos. Read on to uncover five of the most fabulous casino destinations full of history and allure.

Macau, China

At this casino, you have more than 30 casinos to select from with more under construction. One of the casino’s most celebrated attractions is the Venetian, an enhanced version of the Vegas sibling.

The Venetian at Macau is big enough to host 90 Boeing 747 jumbo jets. Other attractions include:

  • Up to 550,000 square feet of gaming space.
  • Three thousand slots and 750 gaming tables.
  • 3000 suites.
  • 350 international brand stores.
  • More than 30 restaurants.
  • 15,000 seater theatre.
  • Numerous swimming pools and spa.

Las Vegas

The Sin City has more than 120 casinos and is a popular destination for high rollers. It might be challenging to narrow down to a particular casino as Vegas has up to date casino complexes covering whole city blocks. If you take a trip downtown, you’ll find old-school gambling joints that haven’t been imploded.

If you fancy the rich casino history, you can check-in at the Golden Gate, which has more than a century’s worth of history. At the Golden Gate, you’ll get a feel of the 50s as you enjoy your favorite games with entertainment from feather-adorned showgirls and pit dancers.

At the Golden Gate you’ll find:

  • More than 250 gaming machines covering up to 10,000 square feet.
  • 15 gaming tables.
  • More than 100 rooms.
  • A live leisure lounge.
  • The iconic Shrimp Bar and Deli.

Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco

The Casino de Monte Carlo is another historic casino destination. The casino has hosted gamers from Europe and beyond for more than 140 years. However, the gorgeous looking people might distract you from the games.

At the casino you’ll be wowed by the:

  • Up to 1000 slot machines.
  • Roulette, craps, and blackjack.
  • International card games.
  • Dress code that requires jackets past 8 pm.

Baden-Baden, Kaiseralle 1, Germany

The Baden-Baden is known as the Spielbank by the locals. If you desire a journey into lavishness and decency of the privileged, the Spielbank is the place to be.

The casino is hosted in a 200-year-old majestic building located in a German resort town renowned for thermal springs and wellness resorts. At the casino gamers are treated to:

  • One hundred and twenty-eight gaming machines and 17 gaming tables within a small but extraordinary 2,250 square feet.
  • You also have to conform to the dressing code. Men should wear their jackets and ties when gambling past 2 pm in the table gaming area.

Crown Casino – Melbourne, Australia

Australia is not known for gambling, but the Crown Casino is excellent. Among the notable features in the Crown Casino include:

  • The whole casino sits on 5.5 million square feet.
  • There are 350 gaming tables and 2500 gaming machines on the main gaming floor.
  • Table games held in an unusual mahogany room, including Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Sic Bo, etc.
  • Some of the biggest sports screens in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Numerous restaurants, theatres, bars, bowling lanes, and many more.

Bottom Line

Even with the online gaming phenomenon, the allure of the traditional land-based casinos lives on. If you enjoy the rush, the rich history, and the gorgeous people you meet in these popular destinations, the five mentioned above are a must-visit.