Zimbabwean musician Leonard Karikoga Zhakata’s new albulm is called Matugadzese(Matunga Dzese).

Here is a list of some of the songs in Zhakata’s 2016 Albulm..

  1. Mutungadzese(Mutunga Dzese) Title track
  2. Moyo Wekutenda
  3. Tsvimbo Dzehumambo
  4. Zvine Mwaka
  5. Zuva Rake
  6. Wauya Nei
  7. Kuzvarwa kwemuporofita

The new album will be launched this week on Friday 8 July 2016.

Speaking ahead of the 21st album launch Zhakata told our reporters that the new songs are dedicated to the people of Zimbabwe and his fans who have been on his side since the good old days.

The launch comes amidst complains that Zhakata is copying other musicians.

Zhakata’s team dismissed the rumours and argued that this may be one of his best albums.

“When you listen to the songs there is hope and encouragement, we have to keep trying and work hard to fulfil our potential,” said a source close to the musician.

Note: The album launch has not been cancelled as reported in social media www.zwnews.com