It never rains for Zimbabwe’s embattled vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, after being humiliated by Mandi Chimene over war veterans’ rebellion, Mnangagwa is in for more bad news.

There are reports that the G40 faction led by Saviour Kasukuwere with the full support of  Grace Mugabe has managed to trick Mugabe to do a mini cabinet reshuffle that will see heads rolling.

While Mnangagwa will lose his Justice Ministry job, he is likely to retain the ceremonial vice presidency.

On the other hand a number of his allies will be fired from their posts including the powerful Information Ministry where Jonathan Moyo will take reigns.

Moyo is expected to spearhead the final onslaught on Mnangagwa with the use of state broadcasting and media services.

Quoting an unnamed top government official, a Zimbabwe publication has pointed out that the current Information Minister, Mushowe, is seen as a pro Team Lacoste man.

“Mushohwe is not competently and effectively managing the Ministry of Information. Mugabe feels that Mushohwe has failed to defend government policies and positions where necessary.

” The state media is now factionally aligned and seems to be sympathising with VP Mnangagwa,” the government official said.