Zimbabwe News  Update Today 05-08-2016

Zimbabwe’s Beitbrigde Border crossing  will see more protests against the government of President Robert Mugabe next week, an activist group has warned.

There are many varied reasons for the closure among them the state of the economy, political uncertainty and importation bans.

The planned shutdown, according to the organisers, is intended to advise Mugabe of the swelling public anger over his misrule.

“We have notified the cross-border traders’ associations about our planned Monday protest at Beitbridge, we remain resolute and dedicated to rebuilding Zimbabwe. No amount of arrests and police heavy-handed tactics will deter the masses, who now want change,”said Happyton Ncube an organiser.

Last month, cross-border traders went on a rampage and burnt a ZIMRA warehouse damaging property worthy over $10 million.

Meanwhile Mugabe is giving little attention to these protests as he is facing a deadly rebellion within his own Zanu PF party.

Zimbabwe’s war veterans, the founding fathers of Zanu PF have declared war on Mugabe whom they want to resign so that his second in command Emmerson Mnangagwa can take over.