Latest Zimbabwe News: Morgan Tsvangirai to lead and address  Masvingo  demonstration this weekend  6 August 2016

The Morgan Tsvangirai led  MDC has been granted permission by Masvingo police to stage a demonstration  against the government of president  Robert Mugabe.

This will be the fourth protest march by Zimbabwe’s largest opposition movement.

mdc byo march demo news pictures 28 may 2016

Tsvangirai is expected to lead the demonstration and to give a speech encouraging Mugabe government to listen to the demands of the people.

The ruling Zanu PF is at crossroads following deadly rebellions by former allies in the liberation war veterans movement.

Zimbabwe’s war veterans have openly supported the riots and protests in Zimbabwe while at the same time demanding that Mugabe step down for a younger leader.

A number of loyal party youths, ministers and war vets have been expelled from the ruling party simply for demanding change ahead of the 2018 elections.