Prophet “Apostle Pastor” TF Chiwenga has opened up on recent events that forced him to disband a church event  and send people home for their safety after armed police and suspected vendors entered his premises in the middle of a sermon.

Below is his full statement:

Following widespread rumors on social media, that The Prisoner of Jesus Christ, Apostle Talent Farai Chiwenga was missing, was abducted by security agents and was arrested by the police on Friday 21 September 2018, it is incumbent upon me to clarify this issue to address those speculations.

Our Zimbabwe Republic Police is conducting an operation to remove illegal vendors from undesignated places in the CBD of Harare.

Between Thursday 20 and Friday 21 September 2018, there were running battles between the police and vendors, and the fleeing vendors ran towards the place where the Prisoner of Jesus Christ Apostle T.F Chiwenga was preaching.

This ended up disrupting the service and the apostle had to end his service midway and instructed the great people who had come to hear the word to go home, for their safety.

The Apostle was not arrested, he was not attacked by the police, he was not taken to the police station, neither was he abducted by any persons.

The servant of God Apostle T.F Chiwenga is alive, free, safe and healthy and those who attended our Sunday service yesterday 23/09/2018, they saw him doing what the Lord called him to do; they can attest to that.

Apostle TF Chiwenga