Latest: Saviour Kasukuwere, the former Local Government Minister was arrested yesterday and is in police custody after returning to Zimbabwe on Sunday evening.

Once a powerful figure in both Zanu PF and government, Kasukuwere who during his time was seen as the leader and commander of the now vanquished G40 faction, has been living outside the country over the past three months.

Kasukuwere left Zimbabwe on June 25, two days after a bomb exploded at Bulawayo’s White City Stadium during a Zanu PF rally.

Mnangagwa later claimed it was an assassination attempt, but a multi-agency investigation has so far failed to crack the case.

Police went to Kasukuwere’s home in early July but found him gone. His extended absence fuelled rumours he was fleeing criminal charges.

It remains unclear what charges he faces, but he has been linked to a police investigation into a bomb explosion at a Zanu PF rally on June 23 that killed two members of the Central Intelligence Organisation(CIO) and injured many people.

The Bulawayo White City Stadium bomb is believed to have been an assassination attempt on President ED Mnangagwa.