has received news that the Beitbridge border post crossing between South Africa and Zimbabwe has been closed due to a demonstration by local residents(see pictures below).

People have reacted with anger to the new import regulations prohibiting the importation of an array of the goods that were being brought into Zimbabwe  from South Africa.

The chaos is largely blamed on Zimbabwe government and ZIMRA’s confiscation of the traveller’s  goods.

Our source has send us images of police officers fleeing for cover from angry crowds on South Africa and Zimbabwe side of the border.

Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF government is under pressure with protests going on from churches and a number of individuals not affiliated with any opposition party.

The common theme of the protests is #Mugabe Must Go #Mugabe Must Fall.

A Harare based police officer who spoke to our reporters on condition of anonymity told that authorities are extremely worried that things might get out of hand very soon as there are now thousands of solo protesters who are difficult to deal with.