Kwekwe Central Member of Parliament, Judith Tobaiwa’s mother, Margret, has accused her neighbour of threatening to burn their house ‘before 2023’, saying she is now ‘living in constant fear’ for her life.

In a signed affidavit seen by Zwnews, Margret Tobaiwa is now seeking a protection order against her neighbour Wehlile Ncube, who used to be one of her late husband, Shadreck Tobaiwa’s foot soldiers before switching allegiance to the ruling Zanu PF party.

Margret accuses Ncube of ‘verbally assaulting (her) with vulgar’.

See full text of the signed affidavit below:

I, TOBAIWA MARGRET 58-036285 S 26 residing at W8 Amaveni do hereby solemnly and sincerely swear/declare the following: That my life is in danger because of my neighbour Wehlile Ncube. 

He verbally assaults me with vulgar such that I have lost dignity in the community. He has also threatened to burn my house to ashes and murder me together with my daughter Judith Tobaiwa before 2023.

I am now living in constant fear for my life as I am not aware when he will act upon his threats.

I hereby seek for a protection order against Wehlile Ncube so he stops abusing me verbally or threatening me, or coming to my house.

But, speaking to Zwnews, Ncube accuses the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator of using her mother to fight her political wars. He said the Kwekwe Central legislator has fruitlessly implored on him to rejoin the opposition.

“Judy has continued to beg me for political support as I used to be one of the loyal backers of her late father, Mudhara Tobaiwa, the former Mayor for Kwekwe. I have plainly told her that I am now 100% Zanu PF as there is absolutely nothing that I benefit from the opposition. If there’s any grain of truth in the allegations that I threatened to burn their house before 2023, what could stop me from doing that now? They are just cooking up stories to gain political relevance,” he said.